Petra Haffter is a writer/director/producer of more than 80 films (features, TV Movies, documentaries & music videos).
Her focus are thriller & mysteries, coming of age - and documentaries.

For 16 years Petra is - when not shooting - teaching and lecturing at film schools around the world. At the dffb in Berlin, Germany, the film school in Accra, Ghana, and at the Kyung - Sung University in Busan, South Korea.

Currently she is running the documentary department of the New York Film Academy.

Petra is fluent in English, German and French.

Ric Schroeder is an award winning Producer/Editor for CBS Radio. His broadcast career spans more than 30 years.

Ric's focus is on researching your story and structuring the narrative. He can also assist you in preparing interview questions and the techniques of the interview.

He can also provide tips on one often overlooked aspect of documentary filmmaking - sound! Proper microphone techniques and use of ambient sound.

Christiane White attended law school in Berlin, Germany, and studied theatre at the famed Schauspielhaus in Vienna, Austria. While still in school, Christiane began working in film and television, and fell in love with filmmaking. She moved to Los Angeles, where she continued her studies at the American Film Institute and UCLA.

As Vice President of Production and Development for Mr. Brown Entertainment, Los Angeles, Christiane’s developed new projects, worked with writers, packaged and financing current projects and oversaw physical production.

She spent two years as a producer on the two-time Emmy winning ABC show: “EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION” and then served as Supervising Producer on the Soapnet Channel series “THE FASHIONISTA DIARIES.”

All three are based in Los Angeles.